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Quality Manufacturing, Fast Turnaround Time, Constant Feedback

Providing great solving solutions for your project, from rapid prototyping manufacturing to mold manufacturing to volume production and assembly, we will address your needs in the best, most efficient manner possible.

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High Quality Rapid Prototyping Service

CNC, 3D printing, rapid tooling, silicone molds, sheet metal. With No MOQs and a lead time as fast as 24hours, Grefee allows you to
bring your ideas to reality and develop
your products with ease.

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High Volume Production

Injection molding, die casting,CNC machining ... Served customers from 30+ countries, 4000+ companies. high quality manufacturing process, rapid production, low cost, flexible payment terms.

Our Capabilities


Injection molding

90+ high precision injection molding equipments (50T-3200T), medical grade non-dust workshop and oil spout workshops, providing products assembly service, monthly production reaches 4.5 million shots.

Die Casting

16 automatic die casting machines (100-3500T) and comprehensive post-treatment and surf treatment capability, focusing on aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, and magnesium alloys die casting.

Rapid Tooling

GREFEE provides rapid prototyping service, most suitable for low-volume production  (20 shots ~5000 shots),can provide you with injection molding samples in as fast as three days.

Rapid Prototyping

Through CNC machining, 3D printing, Vacuum casting service and any types of manufacturing methods, can complete high quality samples production in ONLY 1 DAY, any types of surface treatments available.

CNC Machining

200+ numerical control applications (3axis,4axis,5axis), including CNC Milling, Turning, wire cutting, EDM etc. multiple materials options available, 0.005mm accuracy.

Sheet Metal

We provide a wide range of sheet metal production: bending, stamping, extrusion, laser cutting, post-treatment polishing,coating, spraying and electroplate,etc.

3D Printing

40+ imported 3D printing applications, including SLA,SLS,SLM. Hundreds of materials options,can make the desired sample in just a few hours.

Finishing Services

Multiple surface treatment options: oil spout, silk printing, sandblasting, electroplating, oxidization, passivation, polishing, textures etc.

Quality Inspection

Powerful QC team with complete inspection equipments and comprehensive QC system and is ISO9001,ISO13485,IATF16949,ISO14001,ISO45001 certified.

A Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

GREFEE Precision Technology Co. Limited

Established in

Founded in 2003, GREFEE with 20+ years worth experience. We are an ISO9001 registered company that manufactures high quality and precise mold parts for various industries. With our products, the industries that we serve are not limited to: Medical,Aerospace &Defense,Consumer Electronics,Automotive,Industrial Equipment


Companies served


Registered capital





How to Work With Us

Import a CAD file

Uploading files to GREFEE only takes a few seconds. Find the manufacturing process you wanted and upload your CAD profiles on the page.

We can accept the following file types:
  • > SolidWorks (.sldprt)
  • > ProE (.prt)
  • > IGES (.igs)
  • > STEP (.stp)
  • > ACIS (.sat)
  • > Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b)
  • > .stl files

System analysis and design

Get a comprehensive DFM analysis report for your project with real-time pricing(normally within 24 hours)our technical and engineering team will process your project as soon as possible.

Along with accurate pricing, our interactive quote will call out any difficult to manufacture features based on the manufacturing process you have selected. This can range from difficult to mold undercuts to deep holes on machined parts.


Once you have placed the order, it will be put into immediate production. Our all-in-one service will do everthing for you, no matter it is bulk distribution or individual orders.

We offer a variety of finishing options for all manufacturing services. These can range from powder coat finishing and anodizing to basic assembly and threaded inserts.

Only 1 Day

Our in-house team of technical designers and manufacturing centre will turn your version a reality. Shipped Effectively & Affordably. Fastest lead

Trusted By Innovative Companies

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