16 sets of rijing electric high-speed injection molding machine

25 Haitian two-color injection molding machines – injection mold processing equipment

Monochrome injection molding machine – production equipment

4 SODICK spark machines – plastic mold processing equipment

1 MAKINO spark machines – production equipment

SODICK slow wire walking machine 4 sets – mold production equipment

workshop of CNC parts 1

workshop of CNC parts 2

workshop of CNC parts 3

3 sets of FANUC CNC mould production and processing equipment

3 sets of Makino CNC mould production and processing equipment

1 sets of MIKRON HMS 500 CNC

1 CNC processing equipment, 5 axes

3 sets of KWANYU CNC mould production and processing equipment

2 sets of MAKINO F5 CNC mould production and processing equipment

Brother high-speed CNC

Mazak high-speed CNC

Multi axis tapping&drilling machine

Die casting workshop

Mold assembly

Shot blasting machine

1250T large die casting machine

2500T large die casting machine

3500T large die casting machine

Metal 3D printer

Dust-free automatic double cabinet reciprocating spraying line

220m two coating and two baking full-automatic fuel injection line

Packing of products


400T large scale mould spotting machine

8 wangpan precision surface grinding machines

Flying die machine

One larg scale 5 axis x-ray

Three dimensional element – hexcon – testing equipment

Quadratic element – jaten detection equipment

Other quality inspection equipment


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