Medical care & Personal care

GREFEE is the high-precision and high-productivity mold maker for all kinds of medical care and personal care used products, such as medical connector, pipette, double color toothbrush.

32 cavity pipette tip mold

1. Cycle time: 6s

2.accuracy of steel 1um

3. Hot runners

4. interchangeable mold cavities

5. Full stainless steel, for medical products

Pipette, 96 deep-well plates, culture/petri dish

1. High-precision

3. Tailored for dust-free workshops

Respiratory/CPR mask

2cav, 4cav, 8cav

Lead time: 4 weeks

Suits dust-free production

Hardware encapsulated medical components

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) components  

PPS+ hardware encapsulated  

Oral care

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