CNC Machining Service

  • Eletrical Discharge Machining
  • 5-axis processing.
  • CNC Turning
  • Gear Hobbing
  • More than 200 sets of CNC equipment

CNC machining service of GREFEE

  • We have 200+ CNC processing machines, with maximum stroke 2800mm. 6 CNC digital controlled lathe, 5 CNC millers, 7 CNC grinders, 3 EDMs, 1 tapping machine, 1 CMM, 1 2D Measuring Projector and other 18 test instruments.
  • Our skilled technical engineers complete your custom-made product, components, and small batch production combine milling, turning, EDM, wire-cutting, surface grinding and more other technologies.
  • No MOQ, no matter 1 piece or many quantities, we can manage it.
  • GREFEE has many types numerical control machines, can complete prototype and production components within 1 day, and small batch components 3-10 days normally.
  • We strictly follow ISO 9001, can meet tolerance +-0.002mm and provide full-scale dimension test of CNC machined components before shipping as customer required.
  • CNC machining quantity range: 1-100Kpcs, we like custom-made rapid prototypes CNC machining.
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Our Merits

16+ industry experience

Domplete urgent component within 1 day

provide full-scale

+-0.002 highest accuracy

7*24 service

provide material certificate of qualification

CNC machining service


CNC Turning  Service

Electrical Discharge Machining

Gear Hobbing

GREFEE’s custom-made CNC machining flow

GREFEE holds the idea that custom-made CNC machining needs consider the product structure design meet the  confirm to the rationality and economy of actual manufacturing before CNC machine a new product.

GREFEE’s engineering team will plan the most rational and economy processing technology based on customer demands. We discuss, analyze and suggest the feasibility in every project from structure, material selecting, processing efficiency, and surface treatment. We’d like to provide the best help in customer’s new product development and custom-made CNC machining, and increase competitiveness for customers.
Programming engineers have more than 10ys experience, they use programming software: MASTERCAM ,UG,POWERMILL. Others like CAD,PROE,SOLIDWORKS. GREFEE precisely adopt dynamic milling technology, which is 50% more efficient than traditional CNC machining. We have many clamping technology patents, which are specially aim at rapid clamping of complicated product, precision product and volume product.
Metal materials are various in categories and types, and are hardly distinguished in surface, different types are in different physical property. GREFEE will use spectrum analyzer to analyze and test raw material, to assure provide right raw material, which provides another guarantee of quality in products which have physical property requirements.
After programming engineers finish the CNC machining program, CNC machining operator will prepare all the related cutters in advance, they will test the flatness of cutter and the concentricity after the cutter is loaded into the head, which helps decrease the rick of cutter before machining.
After CNC program execute, CNC operator will check the machine personally, and go ahead after make sure no mistake, control the quality in every step of processing, which improve the machining efficiency.
Quality inspector will spot check semi-finished products in process, which assure the product pass rate once again.
For some heteromorphic and complicated components, burring and flashing by handwork and make sure product smooth without edges. For precision components and volume components, GREFEE advocate machine processing and not turn to handwork as far as possible.
Quality department inspector will use CMM, 2D Measuring Projector, Height Gauge, Micrometer …..measuring all dimensions based on product shape and tolerance requirements, to make sure products meet the demands as drawings required.
After the quality department give pass of the product, product can add related surface treatment as customer required, like: sand blasting, anodize, powder-coating, stoving vamish painting, electroplate, silk-screen painting, passivation, laser engraving…etc. We can make different colors and surface performance.
Anodize, electroplate may have tolerance 0.01mm in strict required tolerance products, powder-coating and painting may have tolerance around 0.05mm. Therefore, we will inspect again upon products with surface finish, to make sure dimensions after finish as required within precision range.
When the inspection of all dimensions, appearance, function is ok, products will be photographed then packed and delivered. For some high-end products, we can provide customized package with customer’s LOGO. For fragile or heavy products, we can customize appropriate and safe packing way, such as: cartons or wooden box. We use DHL, UPS, FedEx for shipping. Safe packing and delivery is also our way of high quality assuring, and our project engineer will track logistics information, to make sure parts arrive safe.

CNC machining resource

Aluminum alloy CNC machining

Copper CNC machining

CNC machining of stainless steel

CNC machined steel parts

Plastic CNC processing

CNC machining of titanium alloy

CNC machining of magnesium alloy

Zinc alloy CNC machining

CNC machining of nickel alloy

CNC machining of customized materials


CNC Machining Finishes

Anna can do all the post-treatment processes on the market. They can bring different effects, appearance, performance, or service life to your parts.


Anodizing is an electrolytic process which converts the surface of metal parts into a protective film.The natural oxide layer increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal does.In GREFEE you can also choose Electroplating,Electrophoresis,Passivation,Black Oxide(Blackening),QPQ,etc.

Radium carving, also known as Laser engraving or laser marking, is the practice of using optical principles to engrave logo or pattern on products surface. Radium carving effect is permanent and has high surface quality. It is suitable for all kinds of metal and plastic products. In GREFEE you can also choose Laser Engraving,Silk screen printing,polishing,Brushing finish,Sandblasting.

Powder coating and painting are two normal surface finishes in metal parts. It’s also been commonly applied in precision parts and small batch customized products.

It is usually used to form a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint which can protect the surface from corrosion and rust, and can also provide a beautiful surface. In GREFEE you can also choose Teflon Coating.

Precision Machining Tolerance

Metal,PEEKOther plasticsNo drawing
Linear dimension±0.01mm/±0.0003in±0.05mm/±0.002inISO2768 Medium
aperture diameter ±0.008mm/±0.0003in ±0.05mm/±0.002in ISO2768 Medium
Shaft diameter ±0.004mm/±0.0016in ±0.05mm/±0.002in ISO2768 Medium
We can make 200cm parts at most. According to your selected materials and use requirements, we can also have more loose part tolerances

From prototype to production

  • Appearance inspection: new product is visible but unreachable in software, but prototype can present the result of new product development.
  • Structure design inspection: CNC prototype can present assembling function, can reflect directly whether the product structure is reasonable, and the assembling complexity, which is helpful for discover problems timely and solve them.
  • The risk of making mould directly: As the cost of making mould is very high, when mould is in process, problems appear like structure unreasonable or others, which will cause huge loss, while making prototypes can decrease such kind of risk.
  • xhibit product in advance: CNC rapid prototyping is fast can economical, can be used for product advertising and exhibiting before mould massive production, or even early marketing and production preparing.
  • Low volume production
  • When uncertain the market prospect, you can choose low-cost low-volume production for trial.
  • Quickly win market: comparing scale production, low-volume production can come into the market quickly, one batch production for a trial usually can be completed 2-15 days, which save your time and mould cost.
  • GREFEE provide one-stop manufacturing service, form prototype CNC machining to massive production, we know your needs better and can provide your best solutions.

CNC machine for brass parts

GREFEE also has rich experience in processing copper, process material including copper and various alloys of copper, such as brass, bronze, red copper(pure copper), cupronickel. Among them, brass is the most commonly used CNC processing materials, after the completion of processing, copper parts can also be electroplated (galvanized, nickel, chromium) processing.

Industry application of CNC machining

GREFEE provide one-stop CNC machining service, we know the requirements of CNC machining components from every industry, which let us have advantages in dealing with customer’s particular needs.

From CNC machining prototype to massive production, for each different project from different industry, we accumulated rich experience.


CNC machining can be used for robot parts, such as arm, foot, head and other control connecting parts.


CNC machining can be used for automobile engine, steering gear, bearing, wheel hub, etc

Medical devices

CNC can manufacture medical equipment parts, vulnerable parts, high-precision parts and link parts.


CNC can manufacture mechanical equipment parts, vulnerable parts, high-precision parts and link parts


CNC can manufacture aircraft engine parts, cabin links, etc.


CNC can manufacture power parts of automation equipment, supercharger parts, links, etc.

Quality Assurance

  • GREFEE set a complete management and quality control flow from material-stock, manufacturing, and delivery. Inspect every process, provide full-scale QC report and certification and certificate of quality for material.
  • We insist every part keep the following inspect steps:
  • All materials are inspected and recorded before production, to make sure the accuracy of material.
  • Manufacturing process inspection:In manufacturing, FAL is in every process and checked by QC manager.
  • Warehouse inspection,Warehouse inspection
  • Inspect again, record, and attach delivery report before shipping
  • Facility inspection:Revise and identify facility termly

CMM is a measurement method of geometric elements, including point, line, surface, circle, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc. Based on coordinates of three-dimensional space, CMM can continually scan the part with complicated precise dimension, shape and tolerance, and the surface of high-precision geometric, and also mechanical parts with complicated shapes, and then achieve part inspection, shape measuring, and process control. CMM is widely used in industries of precision accessories, precision mould, precision manufacturing, military, aerospace and automobile making.

Spectrum analyzer:Spectrum analyzer can detect raw material ingredient in raw material feeding, it can quickly test the ingredient and element proportion of raw material, and its accuracy can meet laboratory requirements. It can identify the reality of material fast.

2D image measuring:2D image measuring is based on CCD digital image, relying on computer screen measurement technology and powerful software ability of space geometry , It can read the displacement value of the optical ruler quickly, for the operator to make image contrast and measure, then quickly and intuitively distinguish the possible deviation of the measurement results. Generally it is used in simple hardware components and prototype model.

Other inspection equipments:esides, GREFEE has height gauge, hardness tester, all kinds of internal and external thread, micrometer, caliper, etc., All these inspection equipments are used for quality control testing, to make sure the product quality meet demands as customer required.

GREFEE strictly execute ISO standard, to make sure product quality and lead time, and pay a return visit regularly and conduct satisfaction survey, accepting feedbacks from customers, which improves our team constantly.


  • Competitive price: rely on GREFEE’s excellent comprehensive strength, our price on CNC machined products is 25% lower than that of companions.
  • Fully equipped: we choose appropriate technology and machine to machine your products based on product demands and characters to suit your needs any time.
  • Strict quality control: every component is after 5 testing procedures, to make sure all parts are 100% qualified delivery.
  • Project progress: GREFEE values lead time control on each project, provide photos of processing progress every week, and also processing schedule.
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Customer cases in CNC machining

Automobile parts case

Medical parts case

Mechanical parts case

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