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Low-Volume Manufacturing Service

GREFEE has 19ys experience in manufacturing, and we’re specialized in injection molding, die casting, CNC machining and sheet metal working and other manufacturing technologies. We can provide our customers fast, high-quality and economic products. We offer one-stop manufacturing service to suit all your production needs, based on our multiple manufacturing technologies and services.

We not only provide manufacturing services of rapid prototype but also batch manufacturing of tens to millions of pieces. Since 2003, our sales are growing by more than 25% a year.

Customers from word wide are happy with our professional low-volume manufacturing services. We hope help more and more customers achieve success! Contact us now! We’re glad to offer free assessment for your projects.     



Why choose GREFEE for batch production?

✓ One-stop manufacturing service

To suit our customers’ needs for diversified manufacturing and different quantities of products, GREFEE team is proud to offer batch manufacturing services for injection molding, die casting, CNC machining, and sheet metal processing, especially our manufacturing service for small batch production(low-volume production) is trusted from more than 4,000 customers in more than 30 countries around the world. You can completely trust the quality of the products we made for you.

✓ Industry leading material verification and testing services

A high-quality product cannot be achieved without high-quality material. With our state of the art metal incoming inspection and verification, it will totally meet your needs of raw materials.

✓  Strict quality requirements

Strict quality requirements and strict quality management ensure that every product made by GREFEE exceeds customer’s expectations.We’re consecutively certificated with ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018,etc.

✓ Support your design online.

In the early stage of customer product design, our engineers can assist customers evaluate the feasibility of product production, and provide customers with modification suggestions or assist customers to modify and test.

✓ No MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)

We can produce according to different project quantity requirement of each customer, without limitation of minimum quantity and amount. Whether it is dozens, hundreds, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pieces, we can make it for you, which is the specialty of GREFEE.

✓ Perfect service

At GREFEE, none of our staff can make excuses. When we meet any challenge, we’ll solve it together. We treat our customers the same way, we believe that the customer is always right, and what we have to do is that try to satisfy the customers as much as possible. Not only our products are perfect, but also our service is spotless for our customers.

✓ Brilliant achievements in the past

From a small mold company, GREFEE has gradually developed into a well-known comprehensive company in manufacturing industry. Our clients range from fortune 500 companies to individual clients. We have helped our customers succeed in many classic manufacturing cases in our 20 years of management. Many customers have gradually developed and expanded with our services, they have won a lot of orders.

Low-Volume Manufacturing Services

Plastic injection molding

Injection molding is the ideal choice for manufacturing products from thousands pieces to hundreds of thousands of pieces. At GREFEE, there are more than 40 injection molding machines and various injection materials for choosing.Learn more

High pressure die casting

Die casting is one of GREFEE’s core services. We’re specialize in manufacturing high-quality products of aluminum die casting, zinc die casting and magnesium die casting, as well as complete post machining and surface finish. No matter low-volume or high-volume production, our die casting service can provide you with satisfactory solutions.Learn more

CNC machining

3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis precision CNC machining services are valid at GREFEE, and the tolerance can achieve 0.005mm. Our skilled machinists can CNC milling and turning parts of various materials.Learn more

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the demand of lightweight industry, sheet metal is increasingly used in various industries. We provide comprehensive sheet metal processing services such as bending, stamping, extrusion and laser cutting.Learn more

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Low-volume production: detailed cases

Part size:471.5*328.7*136.6.mmBusiness type:OEM 
Material:A380(Aluminum alloy)MOQ:1
Process:Aluminum die castingOrigin:Guangdong, China
Finish:Shot blastTransportation:Air / Sea shipping
Color:natureFile format:STP;IGS ; X-T ; CATIA
Tolerance:+/-0.05mmBrand:Ford Motor
Order quantity:300 piecesCustomer:USA
Delivery time:5days  
Capability 11000 pieces/monthPackingBubble bag + standard export carton
Part size:42.1*42.1*38/42.1*42.1*24.3mmBusiness type:OEM 
Process:Injection molding Origin:Guangdong, China
Finish:VDITransportation:Air / Sea shipping
Color: blackFile format: STP;IGS ; X-T ; CATIA
Order quantity:2900 shotsCustomer:Israel
Delivery time:4days  
Capability 32000pieces/monthPackingBubble bag + standard export carton
Parts Size:132.1*72.8*44.3mmBusiness Type:OEM 
Material:Stainless SteelMOQ:
Process:Precision CNC MillingPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Post Finish:DeburrShipping Method:By Express
Color:NatureFile Format:STP;IGS
Order QTY:1000 PCSCustomer:Spain
Lead-Time:12 Calendar Days
Parts Size:382.4*322.1*218.9mmBusiness Type:OEM 
Process:Sheet Metal FabricationPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Post Finish:AnodizingShipping Method:By Express
Color:BlackFile Format:STP;IGS
Order QTY:1000 PCSCustomer:US
Lead-Time:15 Calendar Days

GREFEE Low-Volume Production Service FAQ

What materials does GREFEE use for small-volume production services?

Apart from that, there is a powerful supply chain behind us with thousands of plastic materials, like clear plastics, engineering and plastics for medical, glass filled plastics etc.

Is there a difference in quality between small batch and regular batch production?

At GREFEE, there’s only one quality standard for all parts that exceeding the industry standards and customer expectations. Therefore, no matter how many quantity of products to be produced, our quality standard is unified, and will not decrease the quality standards for small quantity production.

Can you introduce in detail about GREFEE’s one-stop manufacturing service?

Our production capabilities cover: 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC machining, mold manufacturing, injection molding, die casting, sheet metal, surface finish, product assembling and so on. So we can provide one-stop service from customer product designing, prototype testing and verifying, massive production, product surface treatment and product assembling to finally packing and shipping. We have helped many customers in similar cases successfully. We can manage it leisurely whether it’s metal or plastic and whether it’s a few pieces or hundreds of thousands of pieces.

How does GREFEE ensure the timeliness of production for multi-type products?

GREFEE is equipped with 30+ 3D printers, 40+ injection molding machines, 60 CNC machining machines, 10+ sheet metal cutting and bending equipments, and 20+ inspection devices. What’s more, we add new equipments every year to suit the growing market, two manufacturing bases, and more than 300 employees. Therefore, we can ensure the fastest delivery time whether it’s rapid prototype or massive production.


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