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 Lamborghini is one of the most luxury sports cars. It was a great honor for GREFEE having an opportunity to work with the R&D team to produce the grille for its Urus model, which was 150 sets.

The team from  Lamborghini required the main body must be produced by 5-axis CNC machining, and the bottom snap was bonded by disassembly. Considering the higher requirements on the surface of product, the requirements were surface roughness was Ra0.05mm, and the dimension tolerance was ±0.25mm. The post-treatment of the products will be completed by the customers on site.

Now, we will introduce how we complete this project step by step.


Dimension (mm): 578X937X145

Information & requirements of product:

mateira:70%ABS 30%PC

There are two products, each part has one piece of material and each of them must be milled in one piece of material, and materials cannot be spliced.

The bonding glue needs to withstand 110 ° temperature

tolerance ± 0.25mm

No manually grinding after milling. It is necessary to ensure that the end product after processing is consistent with the 3D drawing with a tolerance within ± 0.025. CMM report is needed.

accurate processing data. The material cannot be reduced or added.  

Super smooth surface in surface A, surface roughness Ra0.05mm.

the side B is invisible after the grille is installed in the car, so the super smooth surface is not required.

The Lamborghini team was in charge of the fuel injection.

To ensure the accuracy of the products and surface roughness, we set an array of  requirements for the CNC machining coefficient.

Milling feed of side A

Tool diameter used in side A

Milling speed of side A

Milling feed of side B

Tool diameter used in side B

Milling rotation of side B

Information Table

NumberTool NameTool DiametermmMilling feed rateMilling revolutions (min)Remark
1¢1010225000Rough milling
2R480.0525000Rough milling
3¢440.0525000Rough milling
4R240.0525000Rough milling
5¢220.0525000Rough milling
NumberTool NameTool DiametermmMilling feed rateMilling revolutions (min)Remark
1¢1010210000Rough milling
2R480.0510000Fine milling
3¢440.0510000Fine milling
4R240.0510000Fine milling
5¢220.0510000Fine milling

GREFEE adopted a scientific quality management method. Before starting this project, we had formulated relevant manufacturing specifications for all segments to ensure that all requirements were met  in accordance with the standards.

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CNC machining specification of Lamborghini grille project

Checklist for CNC machining process of Lamborghini grille project

Statistics of daily CNC machining capacity of Lamborghini grille project

Operation instruction for adhesive process of Lamborghini grille project

 processing process of GREFEE parts

GREFEE management procedure of parts processing project

Figure after completion

The number of the order was 150 sets. To accurately detect whether the product size was qualified, we adopted the cmm+ detection fixture detection scheme, which is efficient because it wasted a lot of time if all products were detected by CMM. Therefore, the detection fixture was really helpful when detecting the contour accuracy of products, and we participated in the CMM detection of the product assembly position.

In order to save the cost of inspection tools and ensure the accuracy of inspection tools, we adopted the inlay processing, left a margin of 2mm, and then locked it on a board for overall processing.

For the holes and special-shaped grooves on the products, we had customized the through gauge and straight gauge. When the go gauge could be inserted and the stop gauge could not be inserted, indicating that the size of this place was qualified.

Usage of inspection tool:

Use a plug gauge to measure the gap between the product and the inspection tool to check whether the dimension is OK

A through gauge and a straight gauge are specifically designed for the holes and special-shaped grooves on the products. When the go gauge could be inserted and the stop gauge could not be inserted, indicating the size of this place was qualified.

Check the product with this standard part to ensure that the product position works correctly  after the two products are spliced.

Position the four support columns and ensure that the overall position of the two gauges was correct.

Inspection of appearance roughness

Surface measurement of products with roughness instrument

The package is essential for large-scale products, like this product, which is fragile if is not properly packaged. Thus, GREFEE pay must attention to the package.

Packaging steps:

1.  The products were packed in customized PE bags with a thickness of 0.2mm

2. Wrapped 3 layers with bubble cotton

3. Placed the product in the box and used the bubble bag to support, which provided both supporting and protective effects

4. The outer packaging adopted 5mm thick wooden cases. Each case had an independent number, corresponding to the product number, so that the data could be traced.

Package size: 990*1260*680 mm

Packing instructions: put 2 products on each floor, and separated them by the middle partition, a total of 5 layers, 1 box for 10 products, a total of 15 wooden boxes

Packaging requirements:

1. The products must be placed orderly in the box, and the quantity of each layer must be unified.

2. All packaging bags / boxes must be sealed in time and pasted with corresponding material labels immediately.

3. The material label must be filled in according to the blank requirements, and the name of the Inspector / packer must be signed.

4. All products are required to be orderly packed with plastic bags or other packaging materials. Avoid stacking, pressing, bumping and scratching during transportation

Affirmation from  Lamborghini to GREFEE

The whole project overall took 50 days to complete the 150 sets of grille. No matter the processing quality or the rapid lead time were both highly affirmed by the R&D department of Lamborghini. After the whole inspection to the products, GREFEE was granted certificates for the efforts we made from the R&D manager, Oliver.


Through this project, GREFEE learned a lot from this team work, which not only provided an access for our team to know more about the manufacturing requirements of the world’s top automobile sports cars, but also opened the door to our high-end automobile market in Europe. This was truly a valuable experience for our team!

The CNC processing department in GREFEE is fearless to challenges. We own four DGM 5- axis CNC machines and one Mikron 5- axis CNC machines. We have provided long-term services for automotive, aviation, medical, 5g communication and other industries with extremely difficult five axis CNC parts processing. If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner, please contact us  to get the preferential real time quotation and free project evaluation.


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