low pressure die casting

Let’s first look at low pressure die casting

(Low pressure die casting machine commissioning)

What is low pressure die casting?

Low pressure casting is a method of filling the cavity with liquid metal under pressure to form a casting.

The process is: in a sealed crucible (or sealed tank), through the dry compressed air,Under the action of gas pressure, the metal liquid rises along the riser pipe, enters the mold cavity smoothly through the gate, and maintains the gas pressure on the liquid surface of the crucible until the casting is completely solidified.

Low pressure die casting casting demonstration

What can be done with low pressure die casting?

  • Aviation field: Low pressure casting can be used for the manufacture of aircraft engine impeller, guide blade, turbocharger blade, turbine blade and other castings.
  • Automobile manufacturing: Low pressure casting can be used for precision castings such as automobile engine shell, crankcase, cylinder head and inlet.
  • Mechanical manufacturing: Low pressure casting can be used to manufacture hydraulic pumps, oil pumps, fan blades, transmission enclosures and other mechanical precision castings.
  • Ship manufacturing: low pressure casting can be used to manufacture ship’s propeller, steering wheel, ship box plate, etc.

Low pressure die casting products

Graphic introduction

Box mold
Pump casing
Aluminium alloy
Mechanical parts
Low pressure die
Aluminium alloy casting
Water pump fittings
Shield box top cover
Automobile wheel hub
Cast aluminum disk

Aluminum alloy low pressure casting selections include sand mold, metal mold, graphite mold, etc. The filling process is different from gravity casting, metal mold casting and sand mold casting, as well as pressure casting with high pressure and high speeding filling.

Low pressure mold design model


Core Display
Wheel Hub
Mold Design
3D Graphics File

Low pressure casting

If your project requires precision, pure casting and excellent material properties, then the low pressure casting process should be your first choice.

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