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GREFEE is a modern and professional factory, producing plastic hollow blow molded products.we have professional below molding equipment, product design, mold manufacturing, and years of experience in professional technical management experience in below molding processing of finished products.

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Advantages of blow moulding

Low tool and die cost

Fast production rates

Ability to mould complex parts

Handles can be incorporated in the design


Blow molding is a common plastic processing method, which involves heating, melting, injection, inflation, and cooling plastic through various process steps to form various plastic products through molds.

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Execute injection stretch blow molding customization with care

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To provide guarantee for your various plastic containers production

The case of cosmetic bottles customized
The case of space cup bottle customized
The case of mineral water bottle customized
The case of chemical containers customization
The case of irregular-shape containers customization
The case of Injection stretch blow molding customized

Grefee Mold

Grefee Custom manufacturer

Founded in 2003, Chinese Molding and technologies Co, Ltd. with almost 20 years worth experience. We are an ISO9001 registered company that manufactures high quality and precise mold parts for various industries.

We have several production lines and the products we produce include outdoor plastic furniture, blow molded containers, hollow containers, toolboxes, and toys.

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1. What is blow molding?

A manufacturing process used to create hollow objects made of plastic. It involves heating plastic so that air can force the warm plastic into the shape of a mold cavity.

2. What is the difference between injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding?

Extrusion blow molding involves extruding melted plastic into a mold to create a hollow object.

Injection blow molding involves injecting melted plastic into a mold to form a solid plastic part.

3. What types of products can you manufacture?

We manufacture plastic bottles and containers for a variety of markets: chemical, medical, industrial, food, wet wipes, pharmaceutical, toy parts, health & beauty, beverage, nutraceuticals & supplements, automotive, pet products, and agriculture.

4. What materials can I choose from?

We manufacture products using both prime and recycled resins: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PP, PCR, and PET. We help you choose the best material for your product needs. 

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