Can GREFEE help design drawings?

We can help customers design products, mainly in designing of product appearance and structure.

What formats for files should we provide?

A:Generally files formats are STL, STEP, X-T, IGES, CATIA, UG/NX, Pro/e…etc in 3D CAD, or CAD, PDF for 2D drawings. Please ensure drawings contain dimension information.

How long to get quotation?

 Generally we’ll get quotation back to you in next morning after get your inquiry. If delay, we’ll re-confirm the time with you.

Can GREFEE use materials provided from customers for manufacturing?

Absolutely, and we’ll also assist inspecting materials.

How does GREFEE guarantee the confidentiality of our design?

We’ll sign NDA(non disclosure agreement) with our customers. In GREFEE’s office or manufacturing plant, we forbid any person to take photos of unauthorized products and related information.

All GREFEE’s computers cannot copy data, cannot move. Once computer moves, the monitoring will alarms automatically.

Since establish, GREFEE has manufactured countless parts, without any information being disclosed to third parties. GREFEE can guarantee it on his honor.

How about the price in GREFEE?

Only in terms of price directly, for same parts, our price is 20-40% lower than that of peers. It because we have powerful ability to manufacture and manage. Our product quality and reaction speed are all beyond the market standards, therefore parts manufactured by GREFEE are not only qualified but also very economical.

Is the lead time working day or nature day?

Nature day! The lead time we replied calculates from the day when you confirm the order, covering weekends. Please refer to the Terms of Service for details!

When can I get the products at the soonest?

As long as you provide complete files of drawings, we can made it within 1 day soonest for CNC machining components, sheet metal products and 3D printing parts. For injection molding parts, mould testing can be finished within 3 days at the soonest. For die casting parts, complete mould testing within 1 week at the earliest. If products are complicated or highly required in precision and appearance, the lead time may be longer accordingly. Need accurate delivery time? Welcome to send us your inquires!

How does GREFEE transport the parts?

As for transportation methods: currently, most of the shipments are shipped by sea or air. Sea transportation usually takes around 3 weeks from China to Europe and North America ports, while air transportation usually takes several days(FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT…), but costs a bit higher. Shipping cost depends on the size or weight of the shipments.

If you have any questions about GREFEE, you can email us directly, and we have professionals to answer them for you.

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