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Extrusion processing is a critical method which utilizes the principle of plasticity forming of materials to perform extrusion. Through extrusion, to fabricate profiled products with sheet material into tubes, sticks, T shaped, L shaped, U shaped products etc. The main needed materials include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron, plastic, etc. extrusion is the most common manufacturing method applied in automobile, aerospace, consumer electronics, and mechanical equipments industries du

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brassH59、H62、H65、C2680、C2600、C2801、C2700、C2800、C2801、C2720、C3600、C3603、C3604、/red cooperC1100、T2、C1020、TU1、TU2、TP1、/phosphor copperC5191、C5210、/beryllium copperC17200、/nickel silverC7701、C7521、Tungsten copper、chromium copper、chromium zirconium copper、tin bronze、aluminum bronze



Aluminum profile Custom Center

Wide range of aluminum profile, meet your mold opening needs,GREFEE provides a wide range of extrusion products in virtually any sizes or shapes with intricate details. Besides, we offer post-treatment and surface treatment service. We have hundreds of material allowing you to select. With our advantage of pricing, your products will be more competitive in the market. 

radiator aluminum profile

Radiator aluminum profile

Applications: welding machine/machine/electronics/head lamp/ lighting industry


Mold opening custom:drawing sheets/samples

Techniques:fine extrusion ,cut、oxidation、 CNC machining  

Extrusion distance:  according to the length of drawings

Characteristics: heating resistance, mechanical property, corrosion resistance, good cooling, easy to shape

Sunflower aluminum profile

Applications:lighting industry, computer, case

Material: aluminum6063—T5

Mold opening customer:drawings&samples

Techniques:excursion, fine cutting,sandblasting natural color oxidation

Extrusion distance: same as the drawing dimension

Characteristics: complexed structure, high extrusion times

sunflower aluminum profile
heteroideus aluminum profile

Aluminum tube, aluminum stick, heteroideus aluminum profile

Applications:cuspate gyroscope,shared-bikes


Mold opening custom: drawing sheet&samples

Technique: extrusion, sandblasting natural color oxidation, secondary oxidation, silk screen printing

Extrusion distance:same as the drawing dimension  

Digital electronics




Home Furnishing


Other industries

Aluminum alloy custom case

classical cases from all walks of life ,dedicated customer service

Portable hard disk

Outdoor torch

E- cigarette

Power bank

Radiator products

Factory display

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