Rapid Tooling of GREFEE

We are capable of making all kinds of standard rapid molds as well as special ones by using creative and unique processing methods. With more than 10 years of experience and many successful cases we know how to make sure qualified products with good quality, fast speed and low cost. It’s not a problem for us to select the mold materials and to simplify the mold structure design (automatic molding or manual molding) according to different plastic materials, product surface requirements and product accuracy.

√ Mold can be made in only 1-3 days

√ GREFEE applies multiple creative processes to achieve rapid tooling and rapid injection molding

√ We offer 10 years mold keeping service for free

√ Free DFM and mold flow analysis

√ We 100% ensure the quality consistency of rapid injection molding products and mass production ones.

√ No material limits

√ It is the most economical method and can save up to 95% of the mold cost.


3D Printing mold  

No MOQ requirement  

 6 + languages

Mold be completed within one day

Lower cost

18+years’ professional experience

Advantages of rapid tooling

GREFEE has been committed to the rapid injection molding industry for more than ten years. We provide professional services for rapid molding and rapid low volume injection molding production, which greatly shortened the time in new products launch and reduced the R & D costs and cycles. It also help customers to achieve the rapid iteration and customized production of products

  • Lower preliminary investment, which can save up to 90% of the cost compared with mass production molds.
  • Obtain real product data as fast as possible. To test the product design, assembly and function and can improve according the trial and error;
  • Get small batch products very quickly for consumer and market testing;
  • Minimize the risk of unreasonable design and manufacturing of mass production molds;
  • Enable customized rapid low volume production, samples shall be delivered within 1-20 days
  • Rapid molding parts can 100% matching the final products.

Rapid tooling techniques

  • Why so fast?
  • High-speed CNC cutting been used when fabricating rapid molds. Ideally the mold core shall be machined at one time through CNC machining, thus to minimize EDM, manual milling machine, grinder machining and surface polishing.
  • We have precision metal 3D printer in house which can directly printing the mold core for the molds with high requirements in timewise.
  • GREFEE is also equipped with high-temperature resin material 3D printer. For products with relatively lower precision requirements, it is mainly used for rapid molding manufacturing to verify the design and molding material of rapid molding products.
  • For large-size rapid tools, GREFEE uses the casting process that we independently developed to manufacture the initial shape of the mold core and fabricate it to the required size by CNC milling, which greatly reduces time and material cost.

Rapid Mold Category

3D Printed high temperature resistant resin mold core:

Experimental mold used to check the products and verify injection molding materials. The 3D printing high-temp resistant resin mold core is suitable for some simple products, small size and have less surface finish requirements.

Aluminum or Steel Rapid Tools:

We have standard interchangeable mold base(mud) to reduce mold processing and assembly time.The rapid mold can be complete from 3days to 3 weeks depending on the products’ size and feature.With more than 10,000 lifetimes.10 years free of charge mold keeping.

Rapid Production Tooling

The rapid production tooling is suitable for projects with large quantity demands of products. The mold manufacturing cycle is around 3-5 weeks, with high production efficiency and low products cost.

Bridge Tooling:

The bridge mold mainly been applied in small and average batch rapid injection molding production. Generally, we choose steel material for mold base, and the mold lifetimes can reach more than 100,000 times to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface finish consistency of the products. The manufacturing time of bridge mold ranges from 2-4 weeks.

Prototyping or On-demand Manufacturing?

Below are more details for different molds

resin moldaluminum moldLow carbon steel RPTempering Steel or harden Steel
Technology3D PrintedCNCCNCCNC
Materialhigh temperature resistant resin6061-T6/7075-T6S45C/S50CP20H 1.2738 8407 1.2344
Working TimeOne day3-15D7-20D15-35D
Mold Tolerance+-0.1+-0.02+-0.01+-0.005
Cost(same product)1000RMB≥3000RMB≥5000 RMB ≥7000 RMB ≥
Product Tolerance+-0.2+-0.05+-0.03+-0.01
Product SurfaceSPIB3SPIB2 +textureSPIB1 + textureSPIA3 + texture
Free Keeping1 Year10 Years10 YearsLifelong
QCBasic dimension measurement
one cavity injection cost10.90.80.7
multiple cavity injection1.510.60.5

Injection cost comparison

Size1 Inch x 1 Inch x 0.65 Inch3.5 Inch x 2.5 Inch x 1 Inch4.2 Inch x 4.2 Inch x 2.9 Inch
Volume0.16 Inch³2.73 Inch³7.31 Inch³
Master Single cavity mold1.50 USD/P2.45 USD /P 7.50 USD /P
required one cavity mold1.00 USD /P 1.70 USD /P 5.30 USD /P
required multiple cavity mold0.40 USD /P 0.85 USD /P 2.00 USD /P

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