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GREFEE customized sheet metal processing flow

Sheet metal part means thin plate hardware, it is a kind of component manufactured by laser cut, stamp, bend, and stretch. For sheet metal component from any industry, it has a manufacturing process, and following is the basic technological process of sheet metal design and produce.

GREFEE’s engineers will identify the shape, size, appearance and material based on product performance as required. Take mould production in priority, then focus on cutting-easy, bend, weld, assemble and delivery etc.
Correct expended lofting is the important process of sheet metal products, and also decides the final quality of product.Sheet metal programming should consider easy-making, low cost, fast speed and high precision, so as to improve high efficiency and quality.
GREFEE sheet metal baiting main methods are laser cut, water cut, plasma cut, CNC mechanical machine, punch and shear etc.
Add counter-bores, threads, expand-holes, and drill holes on sheet metal parts
Metal plate bending and forming is made by bending machine and related bending mould, it has fixed bending sequence, the principle is bending the area firstly which not interfere with the next cut, and the area with interference next, the minimum bending radius is the function of the ductility and thickness of the forming metal.
Pressing rivet is forming a non-removable connector by riveting two objects.We main use squeeze riveter combining frock clamp to make nuts, screws and bolts completely pressed or implanted in workpiece, and can assure the fastness, perpendicularity and flatness of the product.
Sheet metal weld is a technique that achieve permanent connection via partial heating or making welded parts permanent plastic deformation. The commonly used welding methods are: manual arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, laser welding, tack and contact welding. GREFEE main adopt gas shielded arc welding.
Generally surface finish is after bend, weld and pressing rivet. Commonly used sheet metal surface finish are: sheet metal brush, sheet metal powder-coat and paint, sheet metal sand blast, sheet metal anodize, sheet metal electroplate and sheet metal chrome-plate.
GREFEE develop normative pack standard of sheet metal products, to make sure the package can protect sheet metal parts efficiently, and avoiding damage in shipping and carrying, meanwhile, make it easy to identify and track the supplied products.

Sheet metal processing resource

Laser cut


Sheet metal stamp

Sheet metal assemble

 Application industry of sheet metal processing

Sheet metal parts are light weight, high intensity, good conductivity, low cost and also high performance in massive production.It’s widely used in automobile, communication equipment, kitchen electrical, appliance, medical devices, ship, mechanical and office equipment industries.In GREFEE, we provide professional manufacturing service of sheet metal component,  we help you get low cost products!


Sheet metal can be used to manufacture doors, bodies, seats, links, vulnerable parts, etc

Communication equipment

Sheet metal can be used to manufacture the shell and heat dissipation part of communication equipment.

Kitchen electrical

Sheet metal can be used to make kitchen equipment shells, links, etc.


Sheet metal can produce household appliance shell, heat sink, link parts, vulnerable parts, etc

Medical devices

Sheet metal can produce medical equipment shell, heat sink, link parts, vulnerable parts, etc


Sheet metal can produce hull, blades, power equipment parts, links, vulnerable parts, etc


Sheet metal can produce mechanical equipment fuselage, connectors, pressure parts, vulnerable parts, etc

Office equipment

Sheet metal can produce office equipment panels, supports, links, vulnerable parts, etc


Quality assurance

GREFEE set a through management and quality control process from feedstock, manufacturing and delivery. Every process is inspected, full-scale QC report, material certification and qualification are valid for all products.

  • We insist that every product should go through following inspection steps:
  • All materials are inspected and recorded before manufacturing, to assure material accuracy.
  • Every process has FAL inspection in manufacturing, all are affirmed and checked by engineering and quality managers.
  • Products are 100% inspected before warehouse.
  • Products are inspected again before delivery and attached delivery report.
  • All equipments and machines are inspected, revised and identified regularly
  • We strictly follow ISO standard, assure product quality and lead time, and pay a return visit regularly and conduct satisfaction survey, accepting feedbacks from customers, which improves our team constantly.


  • Competitive price: we value much on cost control from raw material incoming to manufacturing step.
  • One-stop service: We’re not only provide sheet metal working service, but also support related complete flow service such as: CNC machining, die casting and injection moldin.
  • Strict quality control: we’re ISO9001 certificated, we’ll make sure all parts are 100% qualified delivery.
  • Delivery on time: urgent part made within 1 day, small batch delivered within 1 week, and large volume parts are delivered 2-5 weeks.

Common problems in sheet metal working(FAQs)

Sheet metal is a integrated cold working process for thin metal plate, including scissor, stamp, cut, recombination, bend, rivet, splice, form…etc. Sheet metal parts are light weight, high intensity, good conductivity, low cost and also high performance in massive production.
Cost of sheet metal main consists of raw material cost, sheet metal processing cost, sheet metal hardware accessories cost and sheet metal finish cost.
  1. Raw material cost: generally means the metal plate material cost in sheet metal components, it calculated based on part weight in expanded drawing, weight equals to maximum length*width*thickness*density, and material cost equals to material weight*material unit price.
  2. Sheet metal processing cost: it means the cost of manufacturing processing, usually it consists of machine amortization of depreciation, labor time cost and auxiliary material cost required in manufacturing processing.
  3. Hardware accessories cost: it means the cost of purchasing complete lockset, hinge, drag, nameplate, rivet and fastening standard accessories as product drawing required.
  4. Sheet metal finish cost: common finish in sheet metal are electroplate, anodize, painting, E-coating, brush….etc. Sheet metal finish cost is calculated by product area and weight.
  5. Sheet metal parts packing cost: packing material purchasing cost and labor cost according to transportation modes and package demands. Above are rough cost structure in sheet metal components, to be specific, it still needs calculating combine product size, surface requirement, precision demand and package.
In GREFEE’s sheet metal processing, the thickest thickness is 12mm, and the thinnest is 0.3mm.
  1. Sheet metal aluminum material: Property: Aluminum is a light metal material, with good corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Application: aluminum is glossy and soft, can be made to different colors and characters functionally and decorative products. Types:AL5052-H32,AL5052-H24/H34,AL5754-O,AL5754-H22,AL6061-O, AL6061-T451,AL6061-T6,AL6061-T651,AL6061-T6510 ,AL6061-T6511,AL2024-T3,AL2024-T351,AL2024-T3511,AL2024-T4,AL2014-T6,AL7075-T3,AL7075-T6,AL7075-T651,AL7075-T6511.
  2. Sheet metal copper material: Property: good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, easy plastic working, easy to electroplate and coating. Types:C1020、C1100,C2100,C2200,C2300,C2400, C2600, SF-CU.
  3. Sheet metal stainless steel: Property: good corrosion resistance and radiance, high intensity, with certain elasticity. Types:SUS301-H,SUS301-1/2H,SUS301-1/4H,SUS301-3/4H,SUS301-EH,SUS301-SH.
  4. Sheet metal spring steels: Property: spring steel can be largely transformation, elastic deformation is used for absorbing shocking or damping, and also storing energy then makes components operate. Types:1056,9255,9260,5155,5160,6150,51B60,SUP6,SSUP9,SUP9A,SUS10A,SUS11,55Si7,60Si7,55Cr3,51CrV4,58CrMnB4.
  5. Sheet metal Zinc material: Zinc-plating board: metallic white luster, checkered, surface not easy to rust, but may have white rust spots by corrosion. It's suitable for products made for refrigeration, air conditioner, electrical machine, and roof structure. Types: Z60,Z80,Z90,Z100,Z120,Z180,Z250,Z275 Z350.
  6. Cold-rolled sheet: iron grey luster, surface easy to scratch and rust, need pay attention to protect and quick turn order in processing. It’s suitable for products made with electroplate(Choi zinc, white Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Tin plating…..), stoving vamish painting, powder coating….etc. Types:GB700,Q195,Q215,08AL,Z,S,P/08AL,ZF,HF,F/DX1,DX2,DX3,SEHC
  7. Hot-rolled plate: black grey luster, surface not easy to scratch, but easy to rust, needs pay attention to remove in processing. Types:JIS G3101,JIS G3131,DLN 1614(EN10111),DLN 17100(EN10025),JIS G3106,NSC,DLN 17200,,DLN 17102,JIS G3132,JIS G3113.
Sheet metal part has too small roller radius of the matrix, and too small punch-die gap. Solution: enlarge the roller radius of the matrix, and correct punch-die gap.
Bend position radius is too small in sheet metal parts, and poor plasticity of metal. Solution: enlarge the die bend radius, annealing and adopt soft material.
Raw material has rough surface, too small die bending radius, too small bending gap.
When in delicately bending and hole locating, the outer side of the elbow is strained by friction between the die surface and the workpiece surface, which cause the deformation of location hole. Solution: adopt line bending, enlarge pressure on ejector plate, add pocking checks on ejector plate to enlarge friction avoiding workpiece slipping in bending.
Without arranging pressing lines or fore-bending in design process. Material pressure-plate-force is not enough. The abrasion of Punch and die rounded corners are asymmetric or uneven bending force. Too small height size. Solution: arrange pressing lines or fore-bending technology, enlarge pressure-plate-force, make the clearance between punch and die well-proportioned, polish the rounded corners, and the height size cannot be smaller than the minimum limited size.

Customer cases in sheet metal processing

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