Injection & Assemble

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Our subsidiary in Dongguan has more than 60 material injection molding machines and more than 10 sets of monochrome injection molding machines.

In Shenzhen, we have 37 injection molding machines. We tend to develop semi-automatic devices to achieve the labor saving and also short cycle time to save the customers’ cost.

GREFEE devotes to manufacturing high-precision parts, multi-material parts, engineering rubber material, high-gloss finished parts.

To fabricate the high-class molds, a strict manufacturing process is far more than enough. It also needs to consider the aspect of injection. GREFEE applies scientific injection theories. We understand the injection technique from the injection aspect. This principle is carried out throughout the beginning to the end, from designing, manufacturing, or mold verifying. GREFEE applies sectional forming technology and EDART system to monitor the pressure, temperature, and other aspects inside the cavity. Our goal is to supply high-performance mold parts for customers.

Experienced design team

Comprehensive project management system

Trusted by numerous customers.

In-house manufacturing factory support team

Prepared molds & spare parts storage

24 hours maintenance service  

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