Spray painting

Automatic spaying line, durable, brand raw material.

Sample display

Brand New Equipment To Effectively Ensure Product Yield

One 320m and two 220m Xinliguang full-automatic spraying lines + 10000 class dust-free workshop,
S-shaped structure, unique air supply and exhaust and water circulation structure,
It can effectively ensure the cleanliness of spraying operation environment and improve the yield of products.

Manual Digital Operation Can Effectively Improve Production Efficiency

Xinliguang 320 meter long 3-spray-3-bake automatic spraying line adopts manual digital operation,
Not only can the labor cost be effectively reduced, but also the accuracy is higher,
It can reduce product errors and improve production efficiency.

For 22 Years, The Industry Team Has Led The Technical Team With Rich Experience

The spraying technology team is led by the supervisor with 22 years of experience in the spraying industry,
Experienced personnel greatly shorten the spraying cycle,
It makes the efficiency higher and the product yield higher.


Brand Raw Material Supply, Safety And Security

The raw materials are AkzoNobel, Songhui, Berg and other well-known brands at home and abroad,
Strictly adopt qualified raw materials that meet international standards,
Stable quality, green, non-toxic, safe and environmental protection,
Ensure fuel injection quality from the source.

Strict Quality Control Has Won The Trust Of Top 500 Enterprises

Quality is the core advantage that Yuzhuo is proud of. There are dozens of strict inspection processes before and after,
Ensure the spraying quality in the whole process and ensure the appearance and performance of products.
With high-quality molds, it has become Tesla,Honda,bosch,philips,whirlpool.
And other suppliers of molds and plastic parts of the world’s top 500 enterprises.

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