Applications of die casting parts in new energy cars

Posted on : February 16, 2022 By  GREFEE

With the proliferation of new energy cars, the automobile lightweight and integrated die casting parts increased, so companies who have put their foot in these two areas will be benefited.

The area is affected by many factors, such as higher standards to the fuel vehicles’ fuel consumption, higher subsidy threshold of electronic motorcycles, and the pressure from store credits of new resources cars.  The complete vehicle and parts makers urgently need new technology and methods to achieve reduction and energy efficiency.

Automobile lightweight and integrated die casting are critical ways to reduce fuel consumption and prolong battery life. As their demands are significantly increasing, the proliferation of the automobile lightweight and integrated die casting will continue going up.

Lightweight refers to reducing the vehicle curb weight given that vehicle operation intensity and safety are guaranteed. The research results show that the fuel consumption will lower by 6-8 % if fuel vehicles’ weight is reduced by 10%.

Besides, provided that the new energy cars reduce 100kg, their driving distance will increase 10 -11%; its battery cost and daily loss will decrease 20%. Carrosserie has the largest proportion of the cross weight, which is also the most potential field of the lightweight.

In traditional vehicles, the weight will be reduced by 11% if the traditional steel is replaced by high-strength steel and could increase to 40% if using aluminum alloy carrosserie.

For traditional fuel vehicles and new energy cars, lightweight can enhance the dynamical system working efficiency so that the fuel consumption is reduced and long battery life. It has been a critical technology development area for the major automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises.

The carrosserie can be molded only once with the help of integrated die casting technology. It doesn’t need complicated welding after split stamping, which simplifies the manufacturing process to a large extent.

Due to there being only 1-2 large parts, the integrated die casting technique can avoid serious accumulation errors resulting in the connection between many parts to improve the manufacturing precision.

Meanwhile, it is also economical and labor-saving, which increases the proliferation of lightweight automobiles.

Being impacted by the rapid development of new energy cars and the gradual shrinkage of the traditional fuel vehicles, there is no doubt that the new energy cars die casting parts would be the future.

In recent years, the application of aluminum in automobiles primarily in its driving system, gearbox, transmission system, braking system,etc. In the future, with the development of the application of aluminum alloy material, its application range in the automobile industry will expand to the hood, mudguard, car doors, rear compartment, car roof, carrosserie, etc. So far, parts mainly made of steel die casting will be replaced by aluminum in the future.

Cars in the automobile industry are mainly aluminum die casting, extrusion, rolling three forms of use. The proportion of the die casting parts is approximately 80%.

The still-developing or already applied parts include battery bracket, damping tower, rear A-pillar, D pillar, doorframe, seat, rear axle, rear bridge, etc.

Combined with the above, we know that the new die casting parts in new energy cars are structural parts with large size and high requirements to techniques. The types of equipment are generally large-scale die casting machines over 2000T. GREFEE owns 12 die casting machines, one 1250T, one 2500T, one 3500T. We plan to import another 5000T in 2023, which will meet the requirements to produce most new energy car die casting parts.

GREFEE is a large-scale aluminum die casting supplier in the automobile industry and has been involved in this industry since 2008 and be a professional and powerful die casting company in China now.

We have been the supplier for Bosch Auto, Honda, BorgWarner、Nexteer, and other automobile companies and have gained trust worldwide.

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