Will GREFEE purchase insurance for delivered parts?

We don’t buy insurance for delivered parts. Welcome to use your own insurance.

How much customs taxes should I pay for importing my ordered products?

Customs taxes are changing. If parts are shipped to Australia, the latest China-Australia free trade agreement is gradually implementing the policies of duty-free. Different countries have different importing taxes for different products. Most of countries distinguish the product categories and authorize tax rate following international uniform commodity classification code.

What’s the import/export code of GREFEE?

GREFEE’s import/export code is 04966410 

How to make payment?

  • You can make payment by bank transfer. GREFEE has bank accounts in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
  • You can also pay from PayPal by bill or credit card, we can send you a PayPal invoice.

What’s the business license registration code of GREFEE?

The business license registration code of GREFEE H.K. company is HK 2751781

If you have any questions about green, you can email us directly, and we have professionals to answer them for you.

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