What is the tolerance range that GREFEE can achieve?

Tolerance changes according to manufacturing technologies and material types. Generally tolerance is affected by the following factors:

  • Product size
  • Geometric construction
  • Characteristic quantity, type and size
  • Processing material
  • Surface requirement
  • Processing equipment
  • Processing technology

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll provide you feasibility report as soon as possible, which will point out any tolerance range we cannot achieve, and the problems exist in parts. It will greatly save cost and time if you help note key dimensions when place order. Following are design tips for tolerance.

  • tolerance range for CNC metal machining, tolerance range for CNC plastic machining.
  • tolerance range for injection molding.
  • Tolerance for 3D printing generally is ±0.1 mm.
  • Tolerance for vacuum casting generally is ±0.15%.

How does GREFEE guarantee the quality of our products?

  • Once your order is confirmed, we’ll conduct a complete analysis of manufacturing feasibility, and discuss with you about any aspect which may affect product quality.
  • Set detailed standards for quality control and production-manufacturing.
  • Strictly inspect all materials.
  • If find any quality problem in manufacturing process, we’ll feedback inspection data and discuss with you in time.
  • Send product QC reports before shipping.
  • If product damaged in delivery, we’ll re-make and cover the shipping cost.
  • If your parts are not working after received, and the reason is that the part made unqualified, you can refuse to pay for GREFEE.

What finishes can GREFEE provide?

We provide many kinds of surface finishes, help you get any appearance and hand feeling you want. We can provide multiple finishes such as texture, polish, sand blast, paint, stifling, passivation, anodize, electroplate…etc.

Can GREFEE help product achieve optical effect?

Yes! We can make plastic parts completely meet optical requirements!

Can GREFEE help products achieve mirror effect?

Absolutely! We can make metal parts completely meet optical requirements!

If you have any questions about green, you can email us directly, and we have professionals to answer them for you.

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