Production Mode and Surface Treatment Process of Aluminum Radiator

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Production mode and surface treatment process of aluminum heat sink

There are mainly three ways to produce aluminum alloy heat sink, including the extrusion process, die casting process, CNC machining

Introduction to extrusion production process of aluminum profile radiator:

1. For the aluminum extrusion mold with high density teeth and large tongue ratio, the first aluminum rod must be a 150-200mm short aluminum rod or a pure aluminum rod.

2. Before the testing of mold, the extrusion center of the aluminum extruder must be adjusted, and the extrusion shaft, ingot container and mold base outlet are on the same center line.

3. During the mold testing and normal production process, the aluminum rod should be heated within 480-520 degrees.  

4. The aluminum profile mold should be heated to the temperature as normal mold temperature, and be maintained at about 480 degrees. The heat preservation time of the flat mold with a diameter of less than 200mm should be higher than 2 hours. If the heat preservation time of the split mold is more than 3 hours, increasing the speed slowly after feeding. The extrusion speed should be subject to the pressure of less than 120 kg/cm2 in the normal production.

5. If the there is blockage, eccentric teeth, large speed deviation, and other problems detected  during the trial mold or production process of aluminum alloy profile mold. Stop the line immediately, and the mold should be unloaded in the way of clicking back to avoid the scrapping.

6 .In the process of mold trial or aluminum production, the discharge port must be clear, and the cushion support or fixture looseness should be properly operated according to the discharge situation. Any abnormal situation observed at any time and fix it in time. Stopping the production immediately when it is needed.

7. During the straightening process, it is important to check the changes before and after, and follow the standard operation, making sure to apply appropriate force to strictly ensure the product quality.

8. The length should be properly customized according to the requirements of the aluminum production plan. During sawing, the feeding speed of the sawtooth should not be too high to avoid damaging the end, and clamping the end correctly to remove the flash and burr.

9. The basket of aluminum alloy profiles should be standardized, as well as the cushion strips, should be placed properly to avoid damaging the profiles.

10. The aging temperature of aluminum profile should be controlled at 190 ± 5 ℃, and maintain the temperature for 2.5-4 hours, and air cooled after being discharged.

Introduction to CNC machining  of aluminum profile heat sink:

The requirements for aluminum alloy profile heat sink vary from the different brands and models of products, which are specifically exemplified in the shape, size and appearance treatment. People who have little knowledge about the processing of aluminum alloy profile heat sinks will know that it includes two processing processes in the industry, namely CNC machining and die-casting. Both of them are techniques that process raw materials into products, but many people do not know them very well, Next, GREFEE will talk about the difference between CNC machining and die-casting aluminum alloy profile heat sink.

CNC machining refers to numerical control processing, which is an order working under the digital control of computer to process different parts. With technology, die casting aluminum alloy profile heat sink makes some very special or complex surface treatment available, such as oblique cutting, non penetrating pattern or texture carving, punching at the bending of aluminum profile heat sink, surface treatment of uneven plane, etc. Even the most demanding and difficult details can be completed by CNC machining. For those manufacturers who have personalized and extremely high requirements for the processing and customization of aluminum alloy profile heat sinks, it is generally inevitable to apply this kind of technology.

While the die casting  compress the molten metal with the high pressure by using the inner cavity of the mold to form a surface effect similar to that of the mold. Some simple process, like punching and pattern forming can be done with the die casting process. Compared with CNC  machining, it is cheaper, but does not support the complex surface treatments.

Introduction to die casting machining of aluminum alloy heat sink:

The high-pressure die-casting process is generally used when producing the die casting aluminum alloy heat sink. It is is a cost-effective choice for high-capacity applications, which are weight sensitive and require excellent surface quality or complex geometrical shapes. The die-casting process has great advantages. Die cast heat sink are almost close to the finished products with hardly additional assembly or processing, and it applicable to process complex shapes. Besides, they are very popular in the LED and 5g markets due to the unique shape, weight requirements and mass production needs. High pressure die casting enables us to produce complex shapes with high accuracy and repeatability.

These processing choices of aluminum alloy profile heart sink have different characteristics. They are all indispensable skills for the aluminum alloy profile heat sink manufacturers in production and operation because they can achieve the effect of mutual cooperation and allow manufacturers to provide customers with better services. Indeed, CNC machining is not the best choice as many people think. To produce qualified aluminum alloy profile heat sinks, the proper processing technology should also be adopted according to its needs, as well as the cost. Among several feasible techniques, it is indeed to select the one which is more convenient and cheap.

After completing the aluminum profile heat sink, the surface treatment should be carried out, such as coloring and oxidation. The surface corrosion resistance of the processed aluminum profile heat sink is low and the surface treatment can be done through the anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum, but this will increase the processing cost.

Operation process of anodizing of aluminum profile heat sink:

1.First, carry out the surface treatment to the aluminum heat sink: cleaning the surface of the aluminum heat sink by chemical or physical methods to ensure a smooth surface and a complete and dense oxide film. In addition to cleaning, mirror or matte (matte) surfaces can also be obtained by mechanical means. A good surface treatment can enhance the oxidation effect.

2.Anodizing process treatment: the aluminum heat sink which had the surface pretreatment, of which the surface is anodized to produce a dense, porous and strong adsorption Al203 film. 

3.Sealing process: seal the holes of the porous oxide film formed after anodic oxidation to against the pollution and corrosion. Meanwhile, the wear resistance of the oxide film are enhanced, too. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. By using the strong adsorption of the oxide film before sealing the hole, some metal salts are adsorbed and deposited in the film hole, which can show the extra colors on the appearance of the aluminum profile heat sink other than its original color (silver white), such as black, bronze, golden yellow and stainless steel, which is generally black, but the process of forming other colors will increase, and the cost will increase accordingly.

The above is brief introduction to the extrusion production process, CNC machining process of aluminum alloy profile heart sink, and the surface treatment of aluminum profile heat sink.


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