Die casting technology can also be used for LED products

Posted on : March 4, 2022 By  GREFEE

These days, small spacing LED has quickly occupied the market. As the new focus and new driven force of the domestic LED screening industry, the rapid development of the small spacing LED also benefits its peripheral products in the same way. One of the products is the LED die casting box.

The conventional iron box has many drawbacks, for instance, heavy and low accuracy, etc. it is hard to fulfill the requirements of the requests of small spacing LED. Thus, that is why the new LED die casting box appears.

As a well-known LED die casting box manufacturer, GREFEE has a comprehensive system for LED die casting boxes and peripheral products, from development to manufacturing to assembly, etc.

GREFEE pioneered applying the magnesium alloys material for the aerospace field into manufacturing LED die casting boxes. This innovation has achieved great success.

Along the way, GREFEE overcame great difficulties and broke through numerous technical bumps. So far, we own over ten patents on this technology.

Die casting magnesium alloy box has many pros that die-casting aluminum alloy box doesn’t. For instance, it is lighter weight, has higher accuracy, good stability, and has better heat dissipation.

The die-casting magnesium alloy boxes contribute significantly to the quality of products, the technology of the LED die casting box, and the innovation and development of the whole industry.

Our comprehensive and capable production chain gives us powerful productivity from die casting manufacturing to CNC machining and even automatic spry painting.

With the support of our high precision equipment and proficient technicians combined with the complete and strict QC system, any die casing box that GREFEE manufactured will meet the quality standards and win the market.

We have been cooperated with many manufacturers of different industries to better serve customers with the most convenient purchasing availabilities and systematic solutions in a box, kit, PCB board, aviation plug, power supply, flight case, etc. Our goal is “better service with more cost-effective products.”

A standardized LED die-casting box manufacturing guide has not come out yet. To maximize the interests of our customers, how to produce standardized or near-standardization products with short lead times is always the issue that we’ve been concerning.

So far, GREFEE has developed two preliminary solutions:

1. collects the specifications of hole site from several kit manufacturers to establish sufficient storage for the final products so that we can arrange goods shipment immediately as soon as customers place orders.

2.establishes a standardized semi-manufactured goods storeroom, which saves a lot of time as we only need to manufacture from the section of module hole site. In terms of the standards of LED die casting boxes, GREFEE standards have surpassed our competitors.

Mature technology and researching capabilities —— independent product and mold designs, independent processing production, two years experience of aluminum, zinc, magnesium alloy die-casting technology, scale production capability, the quick reaction of lead time, outstanding quality control, and after-sale service make us distinctive in the whole industry.

For the outdoor large-screen, GREFEE has three types of magnesium alloys die casting box — 1270mm×960mm、1024mm×768mm、768mm×768mm, which will replace the conventional iron box and aluminum box in the market.

The future for GREFEE in the LED screening industry will be prosperous and flourish with mature technology R&D, the extraordinary cost performance of scale production, quick lead times, and high quality as the bases.


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