Waterproof and dust-proof for sheet metal motor cabinet

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When planning these sheet motor cabinet of electronic devices, the planner should fully consider the protection of the cabinet according to its level of protection. Note: air ducts and structural joints are the main ways for water and dust to enter and reach the specified amount under any conditions. For instance, door seam, cable inlet and outlet, structural member joint, etc. Thus, these areas should be sealed when carrying out the waterproof and dust-proof of cabinet, separating the environment inside and outside the cabinet to protect it and ensure the device operates normally.

1. Dust-proof of the sheet metal structure cabinet

The dusts of the sheet metal cabinet are extracted from the air outside the cabinet. Therefore, the dust-proof plan can be divided into prevent the air from entering the cabinet, or filter the dust in the air at the air inlet. These two plans both can be subdivided into different methods. The detailed plans are as follows:

1.1 Fully enclosed dust-proof planning

The totally-enclosed planning is generally used for the reinforced portable sheet metal cabinet. The overall sealed cabinet planning can avoid the entry of dust and reaches the dust-proof level of IP6. At each conjunction of the cabinet, using rubber or other plastic sealing material to complete the sealing by the compression of elastic data. For areas that are not convenient for using parts with elastic seal data that are not often disassembled, the sealant can be used to seal it. The thermal planning of the totally-enclosed cabinet often transfer the heat produced during the operation of devices to the shell of device by the pipes, then the enclosure dissipates heat to the outside air.

1.2 Barrier dust-proof planning

Blocking type planning refers to isolating the air duct of the sheet metal cabinet separately, so that the air cannot enter the cavity where the electrical components of the equipment inside the cabinet are located. This is often used to ruggedized sheet metal cabinet, with dustproof level up to IP6. The sealing area of the cabinet is completed with the elastic material and sealant. The dissipation of heat is often cold air, which conducts the heat declared by the equipment operation to the heat sink located in the air duct through pipes. The fan of the runners draws air from outside to cool the heat sink. By blocking the air-duct, even though it avoids the damages of dusts to the equipment components, there are still heavy dusts on the heat sink fins in air duct and fan blades after a long term use. Thus, it should be regularly cleaned.

1.3 Dust-proof planning of dust-proof cotton and dust-proof net

The dust prevention principle of dust-proof cotton and dust-proof screen is mechanical filtering, which is also to absorb some large particles of dust on the dust-proof cotton and dust-proof screen after layers of barriers when the dust collides with them. However, this does not work with micro-dusts, especially the dusts lower than 5μm, which will pass through the mesh, the dust prevention level of the cabinet can reach IP5. The assembly of the dust-proof cotton and dust-proof screen generally are in the middle of the compressing plate and cabinet. After a long term operation of devices, they will absorb a large amount of dusts and cause the size of mesh shrinks, affecting the air inlet volume of the system. Thus, they should be made into detachable structure for regular cleaning.

2. Waterproof planning of sheet metal structure cabinet

In the planning of the sheet metal structural cabinet, the areas that need water-proof are the connection part of each structural member of the cabinet and the door panel, lock, hinge and other parts of the cabinet. For the waterproof of these areas, it should adopt the following methods.

2.1 Waterproof planning of waterproof strip method

The waterproof strip usually selects soft materials, such as rubber, silica gel, PVC, TPU, etc. it is generally used at the joint of two sheet metal sheets, shell of cabinet and the gap of structural cooperation. There are two methods of the producing method of the waterproof strips. One is the elastic solid body formed by the mold is covered with glue on the reverse side, and can be optionally installed as required. The other is to directly apply the waterproof materials in the joint direction for curing, which can also be dealt with secondary beer molding, but requires higher mold technologies and production cost. The application of the second process is still quite common by controlling the waterproof quality to the volume products with the dispenser.

3. Planning of waterproof structure

First is the wind inlets of cabinets, which are also the inlets of the dusts and water. The two should be considered as a whole. The planning of the wind inlets should be designed into waterproof structure and ramp streamline mode, allowing the water on the profile can slide rapidly with the own weight. Second, reducing the connection method of screws between the structure parts and maximize the profit of welding. Adding the waterproof cover on the top. The contact part between the cabinet body and the door plate is planned to be a launder structure.

4. Selection of auxiliary materials

The sealant and sealing rubber rings are used to protect the structural gaps of the accessories of the sheet metal cabinet. The inlets and outlets of the cables adopt the cable joint protection method.

5. Waterproof planning of secondary plastic method

Generally, the secondary plastic method is used into the planning of sheet metal cabinet with high waterproof level with high waterproof protection. However, the waterproof planning of secondary beer molding method also have the defects, which are high degree of difficulty, high cost and high maintenance fee. Thus, only sheet metal cabinets with special requirements will need this kind of waterproof planning.

The above are some common waterproof and dust-proof methods for sheet metal cabinets. If you are looking for services of the fabrication of motor cabinet, reaching out our staff to get an in-time pricing.


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