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CNC processing mode with high quality and repeatability

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CNC machining refers to a manufacturing method operated by the numerical control lathe. Generally, the process of CNC machining and conventional lath machining is similar. They are both based on the operation by the digital information and tools movement, while it also includes some changes.

CNC machining is a method of high-efficiency automation, which is applicable for products with complex and diverse requirements, such as parts varieties, low-volume, complex geometries in shapes, high accuracy, etc. 

CNC machining follows the orders sent from the operating system, by which the tools will do different kinds of qualified actions, like the shape, size, machining requirements, etc.

Products produced by CNC machining are of stable quality, clear patterns, strong metal patterns, smooth without scratches and corners. Besides, the radiating efficiency of raw material is low, and won’t change as the machining process. 

CNC machining is a sophisticated and elaborative method containing milling,  boring, drilling, tapping, and cutting threads. The machining center equips with a tool magazine that has all kinds of tools in different quantities, and these tools will be automatically selected or replaced by the program.

CNC machining can choose and replace automatically. It enables the principal axis velocities, feed rate, machining routes, and other auxiliary functions to be changed automatically. The tools replacing and selection make the multi procedures finished on more than one surface of part one by one. 

Due to the advantage of the concentration of automatic tool replacement, CNC machining reduces the milling time to 80% lathe start time by reducing the time for the workpiece loading process, measurement, and lathe adjustment. Meanwhile, it also shortens the production cycle by reducing the time for transportation between procedures, handling, and shelf life, which brings sound profit benefits. The machining center suits moderate and low volume production with complex structures, high accuracy, and frequent replacements.  

In multi-type and low volume production, CNC machining assures quality and high efficiency by reducing the time of preparation lathe alteration and inspection. The milling time shrinkages due to it uses the optimal milling volume. Sophisticated material which cannot be produced through conventional methods or even positions that cannot be identified visually, can be achieved by CNC machining. 

6 advantages of CNC machining

1. Flexible manufacturing capacity 

Numerical control has a flexible production capacity that can make custom parts by machines. It can re-program the numeral control lathe in a short given time to make a completely different product. With this cutting edge, CNC machining can transform one part into another one quickly. In addition, it also can store the previous programs that can be ejected or used at any time. These make it suit not only mass production but also low volume orders.  

2. High machining accuracy 

The digital template and automatic machining have almost eliminated the manual errors and achieved accuracy in 1/1000 since it is operated by the computer system, which is accurately programmed and processed by the procedures in numbers without human assistance. Besides, when designing and making numerical control lathes, many measurements have been taken to make the mechanical parts of numerical control lathes reach higher accuracy.  

3. High production rate

Numerical control lathe is better than manual operation as it can operate at a 24/7 speed without stopping, with only stopping in maintenance and repairing. As long as you carry out regular inspection and maintenance, these machines can work perfectly without trouble. It also surpasses the manual operation at the aspect of efficiency, for no breaks in between the production cycle. 

4. Labor force saving 

The numerical lathe can work for hours without human standby. Once the program begins, one operator can monitor several machines, which allows the operators to practice other tasks. It also saves the cost for the enterprises. 

5. Sophisticated machined parts 

There are sophisticated surfaces that are hard to deal with by ordinary methods in the machining process. The computer-assisted design (CAD)is utilized for creating the ultimate 3D design. Upload this to the computer of the lathe, and the lathe will finish the design quickly from the material with standard specifications and complex shapes without costing too much time. 

6. Quality assurance 

As the computer program software operates the numerical control drilling machine tool, once the design is uploaded, it can make the same part with the same accuracy consistently and obtain high-quality parts without human assistance. The power supply software for these computers can be modified and updated regularly, which enhances the consistency and reliability further. 

CNC machining plays an indispensable role in the technological development of the whole society from one part to the large-scale mechanical cover which is inextricably associated with it. So far, many CNC machining factories do the job by the requirements of the drawing sheet.

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