Advantages of MUD mold in injection molding industry

Posted on : June 23 , 2022 By  GREFEE

Mud mold introduction

MUD, full name is master unit die, it is a quick change mold base system developed by the Unit Die Plastics Jnc. Master unit die products suit situations with a small batch of plastic parts and numerous varieties, which is a solution for reducing cost. With many years of experience, it has been widely acknowledged by many master unit die companies. The Master unit die is divided into three shapes, U, H, and double H. U shape is the most common one. The master unit die mold base is the standard part that can be purchased. We only need to design the rear model core, cavity, sliding block, inclined top, top rod panel, and bottom plate before the fabrication. From the picture below, you can see the eject plate is limited by the support head that works as the guide pin and garbage nail at the same time. This kind of mold is small in size. Be aware that the reference plane must face the ground side, and the water circuits face the sky to avoid the water hitting the mold base when installing a master unit die mold into an injection molding machine.

Advantages of MUD mold

Master unit die was firstly adopted in North American Countries, like America, Canada, Columbia, etc. In recent years, some standard mold bases are similar to MUD have been widely used in Europe. HASCO, the most famous European supplier of mold standard parts, has also developed the MUD system.

MUD quick-change mold base makes the faster production conversion of injection products available and saves mold cost. The quick-change system is developed on a mold base that can change an unlimited number of molds on the injection machine efficiently.

Most mod changes do not exceed 5 mins and can be operated by only one operator without any specific pieces of equipment. Only loosen the four clamps, disconnect any heating or cooling water circuits, and slide the insert mold to quickly change the mold base. Then the new mold is inserted, the cooling water is reconnected, and the new inserted mold is clamped for production.

By doing so, up to 75 percent downtime and the labor force is reduced or even higher as there is no need for manual mold replacing practice. The initial cost of the new molds is also decreased by 86% as it needs to reproduce a matching inserted mold cavity and core.

There is no need to replace the whole standard mold base. The labor force cost is reduced, as well the production downtime. The low labor cost and tooling cost result in a significant increase in profitability.

MUD mold design tips:

1. Be aware of all the installation size tolerance requirements in the drawing.

2. All dimensions should be based on the size of the injections molding marcie used by customers.

3. The aim to use the MUD is to lower the cost rather than the requirements for molds.

4. The plastic parts size are small in most cases, suitable for quick mold change.

With over 20 years of experience in the injecting molding industry, when customers order low volume injection molding of numerous products, GREFEE will go for the MUD scheme as MUD improves the production efficiency and brings cost-effective products to our customers.

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