Causes analysis and improvement methods of die casting parts dented problem

Posted on : March 24, 2022 By  GREFEE

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What is part dented?

It is the mark which is caused by the casting surface collide with foreign matters.


1.Generated when collides with mold, devices, or the edges and corners of working table after punching when takes the part.Generated when collides with mold, devices, or the edges and corners of working table after punching when takes the part.

2.Each operation procedure lead to the castings stack.

3.Improper operating by operators, such as throw part etc.

4.Transport between different procedures, such as no insulate protection, collapse, etc.

5.Tool bumps against other things in each procedure, such as die casting take-off hook and take-off pliers, file and punch in cleaning process.

How to prevent parts from being dented?

1. no bumping allowed when taking the part. it is best to use manipulator.

2. follows the instructions and no stacks. it has to be placed one by one with insulaton.

3.No throwing allowed. carefully taking and putting parts. the die casting part must be put down slowly from the work surface. Not allowed to bump against each other.

4. the stacking of station castings much be isolated with protection. Slowly transporting to avoid collapse or dropping.

5. Properly using the operation tools to avoid the bumps. When taking the part, hook or clamp is not acceptable method. The proper way is to use tools. The file and punch must be used at the area which needs to be cleaned.

Key inspection area of dented parts

The important areas include the folding and cutting material cuts of products and the edge of the thin side.

Where does a dented part affect?

It mainly affect the appearance and the assembly of products.

How to evaluate a dented part is qualified or not?

1.If it is on the product surface, hole edges, functional, or appearance, which is unqualified.

2.The depth of cavity and non-functional region ≤0.2mm, the area ≤3% is unqualified.

3.When there are control requirements, it shall be based on the product requirements.

Improves your dented die casting parts

Generally, it is likely to happen on the large-scale die casting products. For large-scale products, we must use manipulator to take the product. The place and stack of automotive products must follow the practice guidelines. GREFEE has standards for each operation before the project is put into production, and we provide training for operators. We strictly practice the QC process in line with the ISO9001 procedures. We can not only provide profitable products but also products with high quality. Contact us to initiate your project now!


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