Causes analysis and improvement methods of lamination in die casting products.

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What is die casting products lamination?

The casting has local evident metal layers or a gap with different depth and lengths.


1. Mold rigidity is poor. Mold shakes in liquid metal filling process.

2. Presser chamber punch doesn’t match with pressure chamber, so the injection speed is not stable.

3. improper pouring system design. The filling order of each strand is different, which causes the post filling metal overlay to the already filled metal stream.

4. The cavity sliding parts and splicing parts matching gap turn larger contained aluminum skin. Punches into the casting when die casting.

5. The temperature of the cavity surface local area is high, causing the alloy to stick to the mold and peel on the casting surface.  

6. Chemical content of alloy liquid changes, causing the adhesive to increase with the mold cavity surface. It leads to local sticking, peeling, or roke.

7. During the production, the aluminum slop out of mold seriously. If it is not cleaned in time, the parting surface would contain aluminum skin, and the skin will punch into the casting surface when doing the next casting, so the roke is formed.

How to improve the lamination in die casting products?

1. Checks the overall size of the mold, makes sure the strength. Increases the rigidity and tightens the mold parts.

2. Measures the punch diameter and pressure chamber diameter, checks the wear state of punch and pressure chamber. Adjusts or replaces the injection punch and pressure chamber to ensure they work effectively.

3. Observes the filling order of the metal stream. Properly design the in-gate, runner position, and cross-area to promise same time and same speed filling, and orderly solidifying.

4. Checks the gap between the slide and assembly parts inside the cavity. Repairs or replaces the slide or assembly parts to ensure the gap is not over 0.1m.

5. Through the simulation analysis of temperature field or measure the temperature by the mold thermometer at the scene to find the local high-temperature of the cavity. Through forced cooling methods by increasing point calling or local painting time.

6. Uses spectrum analysis to inspect the chemical content of liquid alloys. Adjusts the metal content to the required range.  

7. checks whether the flash of the parting surface is thick or not. Grinds the mold or adjusts the mold clamping structure.

Key inspection areas to lamination

Lamination usually is found at the edge of the hole or edge of the wall.

How does lamination affect the die casting parts?

It mainly affect the size of the product as it affect the appearance and assembly surface of products.

How to evaluate whether a product with lamination is qualified or not?

The method to check the lamination is by visual, or measure by eyes after deburr.

1. Burrs on surface, edge of holes and function/appearance area are not allowed.

2. Cavity or non-functional area should exceed 2% side length.

Improves the problem of lamination

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